Healthy Ageing Seminar


Are you a “boring old person”?

Take back control of your body and show those upstarts what you’re made of!


Too many elderly people in Adelaide are slowing down. Too many feel like their bodies have hand brakes on.

If you feel like your body is “retiring” a little too fast for your liking, come to a community evening put on by your local iNform Health and Fitness Centre.

In this Healthy Ageing seminar, Dr Nathan Harten will explain to you what scientists now know about our bodies and how they get run down.

He will also walk you through the simple steps that can kick start your body on the road to healing, regrowth and robust health again. And when you hear how simple the steps are, you will probably “kick start” yourself for not trying them sooner!


Dr Nathan will break down the scientific research into simple actions you can start today, like:

  • Simple food changes that will actually make you feel happier
  • Safe types of light exercise that will literally get your cylinders firing again
  • Taking sleep and rest more seriously – yes, a fitness trainer ordering you to sleep!
  • Simplifying your use of supplements so you only take the few you need

“Older people in our culture have been sold a lie,” says Dr Harten.

“We have been convinced it is natural to get slower, more frail, and less healthy with age, and these beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies.

“I want to show you how you a few, well-informed changes can give you a fuller, healthier life.”

An evening with Dr Harten will help you release that handbrake and get back into gear.

WARNING: Gopher sales people will not enjoy the empowering information being shared.

Funds raised will support Active Ageing Australia

Healthy Ageing


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.