• Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Economies of scale

But there is one ‘e’ word that should rule them all: EXERCISE.

As a word, it is not popular and it is misunderstood.

However, its neglect is costing businesses and families dearly despite the fact that exercise holds the key to enormous competitive advantage.


Think about your most elaborate and critical IT systems. Imagine downgrading them each year to older and older software versions, working your way back through older and less stable operating systems.

You would never do it, would you?

But did you know that almost every company in the Western world, yours included, is doing just that to its people.

Increasing levels of mental fatigue, injury and chronic illness, even moods and attitudes that undermine team spirit are all symptoms of bodies and minds degrading over time.


This is costing you money and risking staff churn.

In fact some latest research shows that left unaddressed, ‘out of shape’ employees actually cost you more money at work than away from the workplace! (See ‘presenteeism’, below)

Do you need to take action? Here is a question to guide you:

Are you and your people at their best ALL day?

If you answered no or even contemplated that it is unrealistic to think anyone could answer yes, then we need to talk.


The first step towards sustainable productivity gains is to arrange an iNform Health and Fitness presentation for your management team and/or your staff which you can do by emailing us or giving us a call.


Our workplace briefings give your people the latest insights from exercise physiology and brain research, so they can make sense of the facts, see what small changes they can make today for huge gains in their work and personal lives, and grasp the concept that both they and the organisation share a vested interest in their well being.

Our approach centres on the three ‘p’s of better corporate health:

  • Productivity
  • Pain
  • Prevention



We know that exercise is a potent tool for boosting productivity and a lot of this is because of the way our brains respond to it.

And not only that. Our clinical experience, and scientific literature, shows that when high achieving people are made aware of how their brains benefit from regular physical activity, the information acts as a powerful motivator.

Imagine tapping that power!

Of course exercise still delivers important metabolic and physical benefits but in our corporate seminars we draw strong links between exercise and increasing productivity, creativity, efficiency and balance away from the workplace, with a view to improving corporate output and personal quality of life.

Our endeavour in corporate seminars is to provide creative and effective solutions to help your business exploit the best form of exercise to encourage greater productivity.




Better than 90% of the brain’s output is directed towards maintaining your body in it’s gravitational field. Therefore the less energy one spends on one’s posture, the more energy is available for healing, digestion and thinking.” Roger Sperry – 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research.

Who would have guessed that how we sit at a desk could be sapping us of energy AND sowing the seeds for long term pain?

There is now ample empirical evidence linking workplace postures with an increase in pathological pain and pain sensitivity. At the core of this is an underlying imbalance of muscular loading, along with associated tightness at a connective tissue level.

What’s more, poor posture can even cause specific areas of tightness that can refer pain through other networks within the body.

Yes, sedentary workers ARE sitting on a health time bomb!

We offer an educational and practical workshop of applied techniques to self-manage this tightness, so that a small but regular investment of time will produce a sustained increase in productivity.



The sheer scale of the health risks facing most workforces has only recently been revealed, thanks to large group independent studies into workplace health.

These Australian studies investigated more than 20 common metabolic and lifestyle risk factors in the population, each measured to be responsible for a 2.4 percent reduction in productivity.

Average Australian employees have been shown to be carrying three of these common risk factors. That means most employees are already starting with a baseline reduction in productivity of around seven percent.

It was on the basis of this data that the term ‘Presenteeism’ was formed, where an employee is actually costing their employer more money by being at work than they would be if they had stayed away!

Would you be interested in having our team screen your personnel for these risk factors and then identify interventions for each risk factor identified?

We believe this service can be a valuable tool for helping you achieve a more productive and efficient output for your company.

We can work with you to apply a range of intervention strategies to target each costly risk factor so that you will come away with a healthier team of workers who turn up ready and eager to work.

Taken all together, these measures should produce another of the famous ‘e’ words in business literature: EXCELLENCE.


Why not email or call us today to discuss how we can best develop a strategy to improve your business?