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International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day 2017

Wednesday the 8th of March marks International Women’s Day. A day to recognize all the wonders of the female phenotype that spreads one’s estrogen and oxytocin around the universe!
Although I am a lover of the classics of Greek philosophy. Aristotle was all to wrong to postulate that women had no place in the metaphysical realm of thought… Inspirational women such as Rosalind Franklin, through her genius bold work on  X-ray crystallography helped solve the mystery of the double helix; and all of those 20,000 and so A, T, C G’S we know as DNA. Now, to not suggest one to be naive.
One may not know that, although Watson & Crick have taken all the glory for the discovery of the double helix (which also won them both a Noble Prize in 1962). It was Franklin in fact, who; through her work in X-ray crystallography took the first photo to postulate that DNA was in the shape of a double helix.
AND! with two unsuccessful attempts by Watson & Crick to  develop a successful model (which was berated by Franklin) left them both desperate to finish first. Leaked information of Franklin’s discovery fell nicely into the hands of the two scientist… and the rest is history. Sadly Franklin died at the tender age of 38 (potentially to over exposure of radiation), and thus could not defend herself for her discovery. One will never know what more discoveries Franklin could have made in her precious time…
I used Rosalind Franklin as an example to help celebrate International Women’s Day. With the struggle it has been for female scientist and the like (not helped by egotistic males) to really flourish in one’s craft. And how wonderful it is to see; that women are being recognized all around the world; and not just for their cooking abilities (I just went there..).
Perhaps, Donald Trump can write this blog next year….
Valentines with a twist!

Valentines with a twist!

Happy Valentines day to all the Romeo & Juliet’s out there!
Valentines day is the day to make up for the other 364 days of the year…oops, I mean everyday is a day to connect with your monogamous partner right? Well I don’t want to be all up in your face with cheesy Casanova one liners. I want  to ‘twist’ up Valentines day by redirecting the attention on oneself.
The motivation to turn the tables of gratification to ourselves is based on some reflection over the past weeks…. .Why is is it so easy to give? But so difficult to receive? Or even so, to put ones needs first. Well, unless you’re a narcissist; and then I’ll have to throw the DSM-5 at you! Receiving can often be associated with guilt. With all the co-morbidity’s floating around, one has been really delving deep into why one doesn’t feel intrinsically the worth to put one’s health first?. Now, I just opened up a whole can of complex issues that Sigmund Freud would be rubbing his hands to get to the bottom of. However, I want to stick to the issue of putting your health first.
Here is a scene that has really influenced this blog.
Cameras rolling…and ACTION!
Two Italians ladies accompany each other at the gym on a regular basis. This is a mother daughter combo. With the mother being in her nineties. And the daughter being in her sixties. As I do my thing on the cross trainer I hear them both laughing away on the treadmill & speaking Italian (on a consistency). Now what is so heart felt about these two is not only the bond & connection (as a mother and daughter do) between them both. And there is wonderful research to back up connection with improved immunity, decreased risk of mortality et cetera. It is the intrinsic and reciprocal want for them both to have there needs met; to be well, healthy and thriving.
Now that’s a 24/7 valentines moment right there!
In light of late last weeks Facebook link  on “auditing” or keeping track of your daily/weekly exercise. I really encourage you all from the bottom of my Valentine heart to make your health a priority. Regardless of the extrinsic’s going on in one’s life. In deep reflection. If we set healthy boundaries. Show an abundance of loving kindness and compassion. And lastly, give on a daily basis (without expecting anything in return). Don’t we then thus deserve all of this back intrinsically with humility?
I do hope, or if not me; the wonderful mother & daughter combo give you the strength to be vulnerable and to have YOUR needs met.
Neurotrophins: Fertilisers for your brain!

Neurotrophins: Fertilisers for your brain!

Is ageing just an accumulation of habits? what are you accumulating??

Is ageing just an accumulation of habits? what are you accumulating??

Travelling older active couple

There are so many memes and cliches floating around about ageing, and how we are supposed to feel as we age, and what’s normal –  about the aches and pains we should just expect because we are getting older.

Well let me add one more in there for you, that I think you might want to pay more selective attention to:

Ageing is just an accumulation of behaviours!

At the end of our last trail run, Nathan and I met this wonderful couple who were travelling around in their van, doing a Mountain Biking tour of Australia. They were very fit looking, lean, and full of life. Now, if you hadn’t seen the photo, I wonder what image would have come into your mind? A couple of 20-something Swedish backpacker types?

Well, these two were somewhere in their late 50’s to early 60’s, and wow did they inspire me! The smiles on their faces, the spring in their step, the strength in their bodies, and their excitement about tackling some new trails on their bikes where magnetic!

In our chatter they described how lucky they felt, as so many friends their age were full of aches and pains, in bad health, and some even worse… no longer around.

I question how much of it is luck… there’s no denying some luck will be involved, like the parents that life gave us, and making inadvertent choices along the way that may preserve our health and safety. But I think a lot of it is a true return on investment. Make good choices along the way, and you get a compounded return! In fact, these two looked healthier than a lot of people I know who are half their age!

Now, of course ageing has inevitable physiological consequences, and life throws us some curve balls, but I am sure that the choices we make along the way have an incredible impact on the quality of our ageing, and our capacity to make the most out of life. So believe me when I tell you that “ageing is an accumulation of those behaviours”!  and if you don’t believe me, believe the two in the picture!!

Need motivation to move? Woof Woof!

Need motivation to move? Woof Woof!

Recently, my partner and I embarked on one of life’s biggest events (well in my eyes anyway). We took the leap and became the proud parents to a bouncing baby Border Collie, Lulu. Every time I tell some this (as I shove a million photos of her in front of their face) they give me the same look and say “wow… they have a lot of energy. Good luck!”. They are right on that one. Border Collies (like many dogs) usually need at least 15-20 mins of running or brisk walking or they become restless, bored and generally destructive. So why did we get this breed?
Apart from the gorgeous eyes, happy personality, we wanted something to motivate us to exercise. Motivation is a very interesting internal process, as everyone has different ideals/goals that drive us to achieve our current desires. These motivations ebb and flow as we move through life. They are never set in stone.
When discussing the drive to exercise with clients, they often are told by a health professional, family member or even the TV that they should move or lose weight. This is called “extrinsic motivation”. It comes from outside. On the flip side, intrinsic motivation is the drive within you to accomplish a goal or task. You choose to complete a task because it has personal meaning for you and gives you pleasure or satisfaction. In simple terms, “you want to” rather than “you feel like you have to.” Intrinsic motivation has been shown to have a greater long term effect on exercise retention. We need to find our real “why!”
I have never been a runner or walker for no reason. I don’t have that deep love of it; I would rather play team sports. I have that “have to” approach to running and long work days tend to result in an exercise-less day and I feel dreadful (and generally not as happy).
This is where Lulu, the border collie, comes in! Buying a dog means that if we want to have a happy “fur-baby” and keep our garden in one piece, exercise is the way to go! She will be our little personal trainer. Motivating us by the wag of the tail, the joy she gets from running and the possible holes we want to avoid in the backyard. How can you say no to this face!
Now I’m not saying go out and buy the most active dog you can find, but having a dog can really be a win-win situation.


The Apocalyptic Obsession

The Apocalyptic Obsession

My generation at the moment seem to have an intriguing interest with the thought of an apocalypse in which zombies take over the world. Whether it be as a result of a nuclear event or a catastrophic disease I have heard numerous conspiracy theories of how and when it is going to come about. Video games re-enact zombie wars and movies portray stories of humans battling the living dead to save their families and the world. It seems that quite a number of us have put significant amounts of time into thinking through what their plan will be should this happen. There are even tv shows that rate people’s preparedness for these situations. I have never seen so many firearms, underground bunkers and canned goods!
A couple of weekends ago I took part in a ‘Zombie walk’ around Adelaide. It was an eye opening experience being surrounded by 15,000 other zombified people. The fake blood was flowing!
The event got me thinking. Are we as a society focusing too much on looking out for big devastating events that could lead to the downfall of the world as we know it, without realising the impending apocalypse that is slowly creeping up on us? With such a large portion of our population suffering from lifestyle related diseases, is poor nutrition and physical inactivity the apocalyptic crisis affecting the world that we have all missed.
So given this thought, what is your doomsday plan?
Instead of stockpiling canned food maybe we should be increasing our physical fitness and building active muscle tissue to ensure we are best equipped to deal with this modern day apocalypse?
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