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By NathanAndMax / Administrator on Apr 06, 2012

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  • Good call Scott, thankyou for raising this. On a further note, it should also be highlighted that ‘reality’ t.v. is about as far from actual reality as it could be. It has been well documented since the beginning of the second Australian season of this travisty that ‘weekly’ weigh-ins are only weekly in t.v. land – and this is all that is required to present it as such to viewers. In reality, the numbers that these contestants are presenting with are apparently based on 2-3 weeks of work, but presented to the t.v. audience in a weekly format to add to the glamour and spectacle of weight loss.
    Such poor health should not be glorified, it should be presented for what it is. This however would not be addictive viewing.
    And so the powers that be continue misleading an already misled demographic of society, effectively promoting greater failure within a community that needs self empowerment. For shame!

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