Is sitting the new smoking?

Unhealthy behavior

We don’t think much about the amount of time we sit on our butts, in fact we’ve geared sitting into pretty much every aspect of our lives. We only need to look at US data to see that TV viewing time and low activity jobs have doubled,  and miles spent in a vehicle has triple […]

To Exercise or not, is it worth the risk?


As an Exercise Physiologist I am thinking about the risk of exercise daily. Particularly with clients that may have pre-existing chronic conditions, and my goal is to make it as safe as possible. However, I have to admit, that when I exercise I put no thought into it’s inherent risk. Many of us hear stories about […]

Which diet is best for your health?: Part 2


In my last blog I outlined the evidence pointing toward a Mediterranean diet for health and longevity. However we are yet to discuss what foods it mainly consists of. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not high in breads and pastas!

Which diet is best for your health and longevity? Part 1

diet cloud

When it comes to diets there are literally hundreds of types to choose from, mostly built around the billion dollar weight loss industry. But what about those of us who just want to eat healthy? What are the key components of a healthy diet that will ensure us a long and disease free life?

How to lose fat with exercise Part 2

Fat loss v EE

So to burn more fat you need to work at lower intensities in the “fat burning zone” right?? This is probably the number one exercise myth that despite it’s lack of evidence never seems to be truly debunked. You still even see on the cardio gym equipment to this day heart rate graphs of the […]

Slow the ageing process with a V8 metabolic engine


March is a month of mayhem in Adelaide. With the festival coming and going and the V8’s long gone from our streets, I have sensed a great deal of fatigue in those who have tried to keep up with the frenetic pace. It is like we need a tank of that high octane fuel to […]

How to lose belly fat with exercise

big belly of a fat man isolated on white

Which exercise is best for the waistline? I often get asked this question when people are keen to shed a few kilos from around the midrift. Many people think that to lose the gut you need to exercise it, therefore crunches must be the way to go. This myth has been around for many years […]

So which diet works best? – Part 2

fresh fruit

In my last blog post I outlined the importance of treating our dietary changes as only ONE aspect of the four pillars to our health. These changes should be lifelong behaviours rather than searching for a quick fix. However the scientific evidence of the most appropriate changes to our diet can guide us in our […]

So which diet works best? – Part 1

I googled “diets” the other day and the first page I came across was a list of diets from Wikipedia. There in front of me was over 100 diets each name more obscure than the next! It’s not a wonder that the consumer gets awfully confused about the best way to eat, jumping from one […]

Sleep Deprivation: a road to diabetes

diabetes pic for web

Did you get less than five and a half hours sleep last night? There have been many times where I have, through meeting work deadlines, having a good night out with friends or through the “joys” of parenthood, and I have not given it a second thought. That is until I discovered what it is […]