I’ve never hated salad, yet it’s never something that’s particularly excited me either.

Until I discovered how good it makes me feel!

Lunch has always been a difficult meal for me.

I usually scratch around for something that I can eat on the fly so as not to disrupt a busy work day.

Although I know why a good lunch is important, it wasn’t uncommon for me to throw a couple of pieces of bread into the toaster and lather them up with peanut butter for the sake of a quick and easy lunch.

Being a busy father of one (!!!), and still wanting to maintain my training goals around work and family commitments, I have discovered the importance of having the right fuel in me. My training runs have been occuring directly after finishing work, and for a while I was literally running on two pieces of toast! Good preparation indeed! Aside from ‘running hungry’, I felt bloated and uncomfortable both at work and during training, which impacted on my performance in both facets.

So I thought I’d let you in on the salad that has changed my life! This is a meal that I actually look forward to consuming – it tastes great and it carries me through an afternoon of work and an hour or so of training straight after. And don’t worry, it’s not ROCQUET science (this Dad thing is getting to me!).


I buy Mesculin Mix in bulk from my fruit and veg shop. It’s a leafy green mix that I store in a large airtight container in the fridge. A handful goes into a lunch box each night before work. Greens are surprisingly filling, and are full of water and ionic charge to pep you up.

I add chopped carrot, mushroom, red capsicum and celery (leaves included for flavour). All raw. These give the salad texture, flavour and colour ensuring a broad spectrum of nutrients. I usually chop these up in bulk as well, and store them in a separate fridge container so that I can grab a random handful to add to my greens.

For more crunch and texture, I pinch off the smallest florets from a piece of broccoli and cauliflower. Yep, they go in raw as well. I add these to my container of chopped veg, but I understand this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Optional!


A sprinkle of roasted cashews and shaved/diced cheese enhance the nutrient content and anti-inflammatory properties of this meal, and a small lug of extra virgin olive oil forms the foundation of a simple but tasty dressing.


Actually, I don’t always use meat. Protein options here need to be convenient for me. I sway between pre-boiled eggs, tinned tuna, or leftover meat from last nights dinner.


Salt and pepper of course – a couple of grinds with each.

Far more exciting than Popeye’s tinned spinach but with much the same result! The anti-inflammatory properties of good fats and leafy greens have a far more positive effect on my digestive system than bread, and the combination of macronutrients leaves me satisfied and sustained without sparking an insulin response.

Despite the low carbohydrate content, I feel energised by this meal – an interesting sidenote being that toast for lunch always left me feeling sluggish.

So there it is, my secret is out. If you are looking to manage your weight, energise your system, improve your productivity or simply feel better, see how you go on this. Give it a little love with pre-preparation of your ingredients, and this is a salad that will love you back with convenience, ease and enjoyment!





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