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Is sitting the new smoking?

Is sitting the new smoking?

Unhealthy behaviorWe don’t think much about the amount of time we sit on our butts, in fact we’ve geared sitting into pretty much every aspect of our lives.

We only need to look at US data to see that TV viewing time and low activity jobs have doubled,  and miles spent in a vehicle has triple in the last 50 years to know that things are profoundly changing.

Unfortunately though we’re built on a biology that was meant to move,  not to stare at a screen all day, and now we’re paying for it. (more…)

To Exercise or not, is it worth the risk?

To Exercise or not, is it worth the risk?


As an Exercise Physiologist I am thinking about the risk of exercise daily. Particularly with clients that may have pre-existing chronic conditions, and my goal is to make it as safe as possible. However, I have to admit, that when I exercise I put no thought into it’s inherent risk.

Many of us hear stories about people suddenly dropping dead while on the treadmill or out running, and I know some that can use this as a reason not to exercise at all.

Exercise does carry risk, not only do you have a chance of death but also injury. So is it worth it? (more…)

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