Head For The Hills

I’ve had a recent barrage of people who tell me they can’t get out and exercise where they live because they are in the hills!

I find some irony in the fact that many of these people can yet get out of bed at the crack of dawn, jump in their car on a freezing cold morning and drive down to the flat to use a machine inside a building and stare at a screen for 30 minutes whilst ‘paying their dues’ to their body! And some of these may or may not get upset if their carpark right outside the door is taken for the day! (more…)

Keep your trainer accountable!

Accountability for the trainer?! Isn’t it their job to nag you about all the little changes you were going to make this week? I reckon it should be a two-way street, and this is one way you can ensure your trainer is keeping their end of the bargain.

I do a fair bit of teaching in the fitness industry both for those currently working as Exercise Professionals as well as those studying to enter the ranks. One of the fundamental principles I hold, and try to instill in my students is this:

Have a sound justification for every exercise you prescribe for your clients that you could defend to anyone.

The reasons for this are; if the exercise is ‘prescribed’ then it should have a clearly defined purpose and secondly; if your client asks ‘why I am doing this’, you have that clearly defined purpose ready at hand.

For my clients reading this, I welcome the questions. In fact I actively encourage them as I have nothing to fear from such interrogations. Many of my clients train concurrently at other fitness centres and see other trainers one-on-one or in classes. The reason I wrote this blog is basically because I’m sick of trying to defend other trainers by finding justifications for exercises that I see as inappropriate, pointlessly arbitrary or just plain stupid. (more…)

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