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Won’t somebody, anybody, fix me body?!

Won’t somebody, anybody, fix me body?!

When it comes to maintaining my car, I have a few skills tucked away in the tool kit- nothing fancy, but I know how to check the oil and water and replenish them; how to put air in the tires and for that matter, how to change a tire; I can change the bulbs and check the fuses. Pretty simple stuff admittedly, but by doing those things among a few others I can increase the chances of my car running well and in turn decrease the likelihood of something expensive going bang. And imagine if I had to call a mechanic every time I needed to refill my wiper fluid? That’d get pricey.

I think the same principle can be applied to our body. My knowledge of how to keep a human body well-maintained far exceeds my automotive abilities and I think this has been a major factor in me avoiding any cumulative injuries for, well as long as I can remember.  (more…)

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