Learn to Run Part 8: Dismissing the Dismissive

I have a real problem with so-called ‘experts’ who use their standing in the Academic and Health Communities to shoot down emerging concepts and practices in their field of expertise. Dismissive attitudes towards barefoot running, labelling it as a mere fad is an insult to their contemporaries and advertises either a closed-mindedness or sheer ignorance […]

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Learn to Run Part 7: So what’s with all this barefoot hype?!

If you have even the slightest passing interest in running, you would have read something about barefoot running recently. It is very topical at present. Media exposure has been given largely to those who fall in one of two categories; those who advocate barefoot running and those that oppose it. I believe the biggest issue […]

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Team Up For Happiness

A recent inquiry by the Gallup World Poll aimed to discover which is the happiest country in the world. If you want to maintain the suspense of not knowing, look away now. IT WAS DENMARK! Reason: The Danes trust each other! In a summary of findings, it was noted that the happiest countries correlated with […]

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