Learn to Run Part 5: If I only, um, didn’t have a brain…..

Learn to Run Part 5: If I only, um, didn’t have a brain…..

If the Tin-Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow had to engage in an ultra-marathon along the yellow-brick road, racing to reach the wiz, I’d have my dough on the Scarecrow every day of the week.

The Tin-Man, lacking a heart, would lack the necessary circulation of oxygenated blood and would fall over after a minute or so. The Lion, bereft of courage would drop his bundle at the bottom of the first hill and find a tree to sit under and sulk. The Scarecrow would then win by default against this meager competition. But he would be unlikely to lament on this (remember he doesn’t have a brain), he would just run. (more…)

The Perfect Training Program

Earlier this year, I acquired a new personal trainer.

I have utilised the services of numerous trainers in my health and fitness journey, and they have been very good. However, my current trainer has drawn me back to the joys of my childhood.

Her programming model is raw and instinctive. It’s a refreshing change from the empirically driven and rigid protocols that I’ve used in the past (rightly, a necessity in clinical settings).

She gives me no leeway in getting everything done when we train. She always drags me outside; and sessions are generally impromptu. They are never excessive in length, and may occur more than once in a day.

There are no set rest intervals, little predictability, and without fail, I am left puffing, sweating, and smiling.

And I’m yet to suffer an injury. (more…)

Sick Building Syndrome

It is appropriate for business owners, employees and home-dwellers alike to consider the potential impact of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) as we move into Winter.

SBS arose out of the energy crisis in the early 70’s, whereby the cost of regulating outside air temperature via HVAC systems began to escalate, resulting in an increase to the degree by which buildings were sealed from the outside atmosphere.

By 1984, the World Health Organisation reported 30% of buildings worldwide were linked to symptoms of SBS. (more…)

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