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What is the cost and what do you value?

What is the cost and what do you value?

I found the recent passing of Jim Stynes heart-wrenching from a number of perspectives. There is the obvious tragedy of a young family losing a loving father, and of a community losing a philanthropist and leader, but it is another aspect of this story that I found particularly challenging.

This amazingly strong and determined individual undertook daily coffee enemas, drank his own urine (rich in nutrients apparently), meditated, exercised daily with the discipline of his sporting days, and ate a diet practically free from toxins and pollutants. And he coupled that with the best that Western medicine had to offer.

Jim Stynes’ ill-health conquered him despite the fact he exhausted every avenue he had under his control. What was heart-wrenching for me was the sheer futility of his battle. His choices were not enough to conquer the spreading cancer which makes his plight heroic, but it screams injustice.

This makes me think of a conversation I had with a client of mine today. (more…)

From The Silly To The SAD Season

Little people can teach us a lot about life.

At this point in time, my not-quite-two year old is wise beyond what she can express through her vocabulary. This is often a source of frustration for her, and my challenge is to efficiently decode her words so as to validate her verbal communication.

So when she looks at me with her big brown eyes on these cold mornings when I’d rather be rugged up inside; and repeatedly beckons ‘owside, owside!’; here is the interpretation:

Dad: due to the impending season, our opportunities to absorb daylight are becoming increasingly limited. This is compounded by our modern tendencies to stay in the warm and ride out the cold weather. For many people, it wouldn’t be unusual to achieve less than five minutes of direct outside light exposure on an average day during the colder months. They may be unaware of Seasonal Affective Disorder – a set of symptoms resulting from reduced daylight exposure. Fatigue, depression, irritability, trouble concentrating, soreness, decreased physical activity, overeating, weight gain – are all symptoms of hormonal imbalance, synonymous with those who just don’t like winter and avoid exposure to it. There also appears to be greater risk of illness due to increased uptake of recycled air and heightened exposure to germs. I’d like to avoid this, so I need you to get me outside at regular intervals during the week. Especially when the sun’s out as inside light does not suffice. So let’s go OUTSIDE!!    (enter battering of eyelids)


Bone-on-Bone: When good engineering goes bad!

Bone-on-Bone: When good engineering goes bad!

I am sure you have heard the term ‘bone-on-bone’ before. I have many times, usually in reference to the knee. Bone-on-bone refers to when the there has been significant loss of cartilage on one or both of the bones of a joint to the point that the bones are actually rubbing upon one another- this is often deemed a condition of overuse, however I would refine this condition as one of over-poor-use!

It is a common misconception that our skeleton is basically a set of bones stacked up upon one-another, with cartilage in between to reduce friction as they slide back and forth during movement. Our body, when functioning well, does NOT work like this. (more…)

Motivational Harness #4 – You Don’t Have To Stink!

Motivational Harness #4 – You Don’t Have To Stink!

At a recent iNform Corporate function, I had the privilege of presenting to the cream of Adelaide’s small and medium-sized business directors, and here’s what I noticed:

They all dressed REALLY nicely!

I know…insightful!

The reason I noted this, above anything else is, I was there to talk about the benefits of exercising before AND during work to enhance productivity. I was duly informed this is not practical for well-dressed, nice smelling people who wished to remain that way through the course of their workday.

So I want to throw a spin on the perception that meaningful exercise must ALWAYS make you stinky!


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