Biggest Losers Losing Big-Time

Biggest Losers Losing Big-Time

I don’t make a habit out of watching ‘The Biggest Loser’. Cringing and arguing with my television are not pastimes I like to entertain. I did however stumble accross an unattended televsion during last night’s episode, and my attitude towards this garabge was again vindicated.

Upon weighing in, it is revealed a contestant has lost 4.9kg of body weight in the course of one week. The reaction from his trainer, the caricature known as ‘The Commando’ is that whilst 4.9kg is pretty good going, he’s gonna have to pull bigger numbers than that is he is going to compete with the real big-time losers. There are a couple of serious problems here. One is for the message it sends our society, the second for the poor individual that is undoubtedly in for some Commando-style punishment over the coming week. (more…)

Motivational Harness #3 – Flow From Within

In my recent football article, here’s what I eluded to:

Is your workday structured around your physiology, or is your physiology dictated to by your workday?

On a very complex level, asleep or awake, our bodies operate in cycles. It is physiologically impossible to be firing on all cylinders for the entire day, and so the busy structure of our external world can deplete our reserve of internal endurance.

You can’t force productivity.

However you can nurture it. The coming installments will tactically address the requirements of your physiology to create an internal environment that thrives in external conditions.

It was recently presented to me that the greatest barrier to productive workdays were M&M’s! It took me a while to work out that this wasn’t a reference to tasty little treats, but rather the concept of Management and Meetings.

I once worked under a manager who, I’m sure, had a KPI to interrupt work as often as he could! He would constantly pop by for a chat, to see what I was up to, and to add new tasks to my hectic schedule. He called meetings for everything, and scheduled these – without fail – in the most inconvenient times for me. (more…)

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