Fitness Fads: Toning Shoes


Right up there for me with the Ab King Pro and other elaborate fold-out clothes hangers is the phenomenon of toning shoes.

 You’ve seen them: they kind of look like canoes for your feet. And that’s pretty much how they act as well.

Canoes were built to move in one direction. If you’ve ever been in a canoe and tried to steer it or turn it around, you know what I mean! In any plane other than forward motion they are clumsy and awkward.


The most amazing piece of exercise equipment that will ever exist!

The most amazing piece of exercise equipment that will ever exist!

If you walk into any large commercial gym in Australia you will be amazed at the expansive array of machines just waiting for you to give them life. They look tremendously elaborate, and there is no doubt the engineering is magnificent, but in reference to what these machines demand of your body they are terribly rudimentary. In almost all instances these machines have one specific function- meaning they work one or one set of muscles/joints in one very controlled plane

When you walk into iNform, you may notice our slightly more, ‘minimalist’ approach to equipment. Rather than machines, what we have in abundance is empty space (and if truth be told, we’d all like even more of that!). The two machines that hold centre stage on our floor, the two floating cables, have a potential range of exercises available that is limited only by our collective imagination.

These machines are kept company by a wide range of free-weights, balance equipment and gym-balls. This apparent lack of equipment  has nothing to do with penny pinching- it is completely by design.

For you to exercise well in iNform’s gym environment you have to learn to master movements of only one machine- and it is the most complex, amazing, finely tuned machine in all existence. Your body.

Exercising on simple machines such as those found in big gyms teaches you nothing about how to use your body. The strength gains that you may make according to the increasing numbers of plates you are lifting has next to no cr0ssover to improved functionality of your body. If you exercise your body in a more functional way, as is fundamentally required inside iNform’s gym you will gain strength that has a tangible effect upon your day-to-day activities.

Another positive is that if you use to use your body well, your body becomes a free piece of exercise equipment of almost limitless potential.  Here are three seemingly simple exercises that are tremendously challenging to do well and require nothing more than you and the floor.

Four-Point Alternating Arm Leg Lifts:

Starting on all-fours, lift one arm and slide the opposite foot back until it is lifted without dropping the rib-cage or

moving the pelvis side-to-side. This requires tremendous core strength and control.

Single Legged Squat: 

Stand on one leg and squat down keeping the knee aligned (front view) and lumbar spine aligned (side view). Try to get low enough to achieve a 90deg angle at the hip and knee (side view).

Push-Up plus Rotation Plank:

Do a full push up then rotate over onto one hand, keeping your ground arm, trunk and legs

straight. Alternate after the next push up.

Have a go. I can guarantee you that to do these three exercise well is hard! If you are unable to do them there are a vast number for regression exercises that your iNform trainer can take you through to find the appropriate challenge for your body.


FOAM ROLLING… You Should Take The Time!

FOAM ROLLING… You Should Take The Time!

The homework exercise that we all dread! “It’s boring, it takes too much time and it hurts”. Have these thoughts run through your head? How often have you been told by your trainer to do some foam rolling/tennis balling as part of your homework routine or before sessions…and NOT done it?  So let’s break it down, how does this work? Why are your trainers always on your case about it? And most importantly, why is it so important… (more…)

The Ugly Side of Running

Running is not for everyone!

I was recently on a running track alongside a busy highway when I received a spray of abuse from a passenger in a car. It’s not  the first time it has happened – actually it’s surprisingly common. Obviously it didn’t hurt me, and I suppose it comes out of the joy within an action that bears no consequence. Whatever. I don’t really get it…but it leaves me thinking every time. In a twisted way it motivates me. I start to think about how I would respond if the abuser actually had the gaul to do it NOT from a car driving 80kph in the opposite direction to me!

So, with tongue slightly in cheek – and without wanting to be labelled an internet tough guy – I leave my response to destiny  in the hands of cyberspace.

Here’s why you’re better off undertaking some physical activity than riding shotgun in a passenger vehicle:



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