Health, Investments and Running Shoes

Do you ever think that you would feel better if you could run 5km’s without stopping? Or 10km? And does your picture of health involve a person who does this multiple times per week, perhaps with the resemblance of a smile on their face? Are your barriers to achieving this for yourself centred around time, […]

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Functional Core Training: Please Explain.

Don’t believe everything you read in the text books. More specifically, don’t believe everything you read in the muscle section of anatomy textbooks. Such descriptions of human anatomy and function has fueled an approach to gym training that is completely contrary to how a living, breathing, moving human being uses their body, or should use […]

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Learn to Run Part 2

I believe there is an ideal way for a human form to run. It isn’t seen very often, but it exists. Intuitively we all have some idea what this should look like. When you see someone running through the park with beautiful, elegant form you know it. You may have no idea why it looks […]

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