How to lose belly fat with exercise

Which exercise is best for the waistline? I often get asked this question when people are keen to shed a few kilos from around the midrift. Many people think that to lose the gut you need to exercise it, therefore crunches must be the way to go. This myth has been around for many years […]

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So which diet works best? – Part 2

In my last blog post I outlined the importance of treating our dietary changes as only ONE aspect of the four pillars to our health. These changes should be lifelong behaviours rather than searching for a quick fix. However the scientific evidence of the most appropriate changes to our diet can guide us in our […]

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So which diet works best? – Part 1

I googled “diets” the other day and the first page I came across was a list of diets from Wikipedia. There in front of me was over 100 diets each name more obscure than the next! It’s not a wonder that the consumer gets awfully confused about the best way to eat, jumping from one […]

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