The inherent conflict within

The inherent conflict within

A topical issue among a few of iNform’s regular bloggers, during these very c c cold winter months has been capturing motivation to get moving. In one of my recent articles, I questioned whether the source of our inner turmoil of knowing we should exercise but dreading the reality of it was how we labelled exercise in our lives.

Perhaps if we could re-badge exercise as an expression of ourselves rather than a chore, we would look forward to movement and prioritise it in our lives.

But I think that this inner battle between the little white exercise angel on our left shoulder, and little red lazy devil on our right shoulder (that almost everyone experiences) is rooted far deeper inside our make-up than the level of conscious thought.

You can bet a hunter in the African savannah wouldn’t have been down for an aerobics class after chasing an antelope to death for 6 hours!

Perhaps that turmoil is a fundamental part of our physical make-up? Let me explain why this might be. (more…)

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