Making the Big Come Back

The winter months are starting to fade away and we are seeing a little more daylight and the sun seems to be making a bit more of an appearance. It’s time to get the grizzly bear out of the cave and get moving again. Winter for some people is an ever present cloak of darkness inhibiiting their ability to feel good.

Feeling good these days is high on peoples wish list and to some people it seems unachieveable. We have, however, seen though from some of my nerdy blog friends that there are some wonderful chemical reactions that help create that “good feeling” when we exercise. So no more putting it off, it’s time to make the big come back and here a few tips to help this process along before summer comes and hits you in the face!

1. Enjoy the process of getting fit again – sometimes it can be disheartning to know that we have gone backwards when it comes to our health, but at least you have something to move towards and you know you can do it – because you have done it before!
2. Start making good food choices – you are what you eat! Keeping a food diary is a great way to really look at what you are eating and sometime that extra accountability stops you from going for the plate of cookies or hot chocolate pudding!
3. See if you can increase your incidental activity – one of my clients chose to park his car further away (rather than front door parking) just to get some extra walking in his day.
4. Set a goal or something to work towards – the journey is more important than the destination but its good to feel like you are moving towards something and also deadlines sometimes bring out the best in us 🙂
5. Finally and what I think is most important – make the choice, no one else can do it for you!

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers

There was an article in Wednesday’s Advertiser about water consumption- the point of the article was that, and I am paraphrasing, not only may we not need to drink water for our health, but that drinking water may actually be harming us! The picture was of a perplexed girl looking at 8 glasses of water, perplexed being an appropriate reaction to this article.

“When you selectively quote research to support your beliefs, or to market a product this is deception, plain and simple.”

The point of this blog is not to discuss the issue of water consumption itself, although that is a blog I am sure that will pop up at some point. Rather I want to discuss the inherent dangers in relying on newspapers, or in fact much of the popular media for your health information. This particular article is representative of the consistently incorrect, misleading and irresponsible reporting of health issues in our media sources. (more…)

Sleep Deprivation: a road to diabetes

Sleep Deprivation: a road to diabetes

Did you get less than five and a half hours sleep last night?

There have been many times where I have, through meeting work deadlines, having a good night out with friends or through the “joys” of parenthood, and I have not given it a second thought.

That is until I discovered what it is doing to my health. (more…)

Exercise: The victim of the box we put it in

Exercise: The victim of the box we put it in

Who couldn’t relate to Lic’s last blog “The 10 minute deal”? I certainly could. That 15minute internal debate takes more bloody time and energy than some quality exercise, but yields none of the myriad of benefits the exercise session gives us. How ironic.

“…we are immersed in it and exist only in it during those moments. I feel that when I run. How often have you felt that when you have put the bins out? How immersed in that experience are you?!”

But where does that debate come from? Why does it even enter our minds in the first place?

I think it may germinate the way it does because of the box we put exercise into. (more…)

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