TV Can Kill You, Hey?

I heard a recent statistic that watching two hours of television per day increased risk of death before the age of 65 by 13%, with associated risks of heart disease and diabetes going up by 15% and 20% respectively. Given the average Australian watches the box for around four hours per day, this should be an alarming stat to some of us!

Obviously we’re all smart enough to know there’s more to it than this otherwise, I’d anticipate, we would have seen a massive government legislation against the idiot box!

Surely it’s more about the behaviour that TV watching represents, and the impact that this has on our bodies when carried out over extended periods of time. (more…)

How to Reverse Ageing- Science NOT from the Ponds Institute!

How to Reverse Ageing- Science NOT from the Ponds Institute!

My partner and I have this ongoing, um, difference in philosophy. It pertains to how we think we should treat her Nan. Nan is in her mid-eighties, doesn’t have the world’s best knees but is able to get around unassisted and cognitively, has all of her faculties and maintains an independent lifestyle in her own home.

When she comes to stay with us, I am often getting in trouble. “Scott! Take Nan’s cup of tea to her!”, “Scott! Carry Nan’s shopping bag!”, “Scott! Open Nan’s car door and help her out!”. And so on.

we get old because we are told we should get old, we should slow down, do less, ease our momentum until we grind to a halt and eventually collapse face-first into a casket

My perspective is something like, “Nan has two arms and two legs, she is not an invalid, she can carry her own bag!” or “She managed to get herself into her car to drive over here from the Barossa, she can get herself back out of the car again!”. You may be thinking at this point, ‘gee this Scott bloke is a jerk!’. That is not entirely inaccurate. But the way I treat Nan is based on some fascinating 1980’s science which has now made it to the medium of modern consciousness, reality television! (more…)

The 10 minute deal

Exercise makes your life better. I thought I would share the experience that I have had well lets say at least 25 times in the last 12 month. The scenario; an early start (getting up at 5am) and not a very goodnights sleep (for me less than 6 hours makes me a wee bit grumpy), some back ground stress of “life” with nothing major going wrong, just things that get you thinking. Its cold outside and gets dark early. As the clock ticks closer to being the end of my work day, I start to contemplate how good it would feel to curl up on the couch. I could get dinner organized early (or organise some takeaway), do some washing (or leave it for tomorrow after I have a better night sleep), sort some stuff at home (look at the dishes wishing they would wash themselves), sit on my computer (look aimlessly through face book for something interesting to comment on), watch mindless tv (I do like the bold and the beautiful), glorifying the feeling of being tired and lethargic on the couch. Hmmmmmm. Yep, that sounds good.

As I open my bag to find my keys to make my days exit to the couch waiting at home and a warm heater and maybe a cup of tea, my gym clothes start learing at me… “So Alicia, you wanted to do some exercisetoday, when you packed me this morning and now it seems you have changed your mind, is that really a good idea?”…

So I make a deal with myself and my workout clothes, I will do 10 minutes, if I still feel horribly tired and the couch is still calling my name, I can stop and go home.

Work out clothes on, exercise begins, well getting out of the chair and from behind the computer screen has already stopped my eyes from feeling like heavy sacks of potatos. Getting out of my thermal top and being a little bit chilled in my work out top has also woken me up a little bit more and now I am more determined that ever to make this a quality 10minutes of work out time, I mean if that’s all I am going to do, I might as well make it count. After 5 minutes my body is naturally warm from the movement and exercise and the looming headache and nagging tired thoughts seemed to be creeping away.

Before I know it the designated 10minute time limit is up… there is no way I can justify going home at this point I already feel 10 times better than I did 12 minutes earlier… Ok lets just do half hour, that will still give me enough time to orgnaise dinner and do some cleaning before its time to curl up on the couch.

I reach the next 20 minutes and it breezed, I feel SO much better, you know what I think, I could squeeze in another 15minutes, still have enough time (and now energy) to go to the shops buy some fresh veggies and chicken for dinner (instead of just getting take out), get my cleaning done, cook dinner and feel more rested and relaxed than if I had left work and gone straight home.

I pat myself on the back and remind myself not to have the internal debate of to exercise or not exercise again, because exercise – always wins…

I challenge you to the 10 minute deal – let me know who wins!
Get cool to lose weight?

Get cool to lose weight?

Damn it’s cold outside! This was my thought as my knuckles were becoming numb on a frosty Adelaide Hills’ morning on my regular run!

We are all no doubt struggling through some of these colder months, so I thought this was the perfect time to talk about how our body’s natural warming system could possibly be a way to keep ourselves from putting on weight.

Scientists our now discovering that a type of fat storage tissue called Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) is more important than we first thought.

In fact only 50g of BAT can account for up to 20% of someone’s daily energy expenditure!

So what is this BAT and how do we get more of it?


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