In pain? It is all in your head

In pain? It is all in your head

In my previous post I questioned our tendency to objectify aspects of our body by using language that separates them from us. By embracing our injured area as symptomatic of poor use, or by accepting our fallibility in our choice making I believe we are empowered to change it.

on behalf of their pharmaceutical masters, they want us to believe that pain is random, merciless, and lurking in the shadows and we must be prepared for when it chooses us as its next victim. (more…)

Desensitised to poison

What would be your response if you tuned into the radio – a respectable radio like ABC Radio National – and you heard a leading researcher being interviewed and he was excited about the fact that they are very close to developing a vaccine that would desensitise you to a poison??

Well, this happened to me today, and I was stumped to know what to really think, especially because:

The poison is gluten and the disease is coeliac.


I, not this. Me, not that.

I, not this. Me, not that.

I have noticed a strange quirk in the language that we use in reference to our own bodies. I have noticed a tendency to use pronouns such as ‘that’ or ‘this’ to describe a certain part or aspect of our body as if it is a foreign object. I have also noticed use of the adjective ‘my’ to attach ownership to limbs or even organs as if it is an inanimate object that we are the possessors of.

The decisions you made were made by you, not some malfunctioning electrical good you store between your ears!

What is most interesting to me, is that this use of language is strongest when we are describing a certain aspect ourselves that we are less than pleased with.I will give you a couple of examples that I heard this week. In fact, I hear them every day. (more…)

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