Rediscovering the Joy of Movement

My exercise plan for the day is to go out for a run. I know this as I checked the Tasks on my Microsoft Outlook Account- there it is in Arial 12pt- 3.30pm, 6.2km run. It is now 3.00pm so I’d better get ready.

I slip my orthotics into my High Performance Neutral Running shoes. From here I squeeze into my long compression tights and compression singlet. I revel in the prospect of the claimed improvements to running economy, power and lactic acid clearance that I will experience. Over the top of this goes the light-weight wick-away fabric shorts and singlet (the redundancy of the wick-awayness worn overĀ  compression garments is an irony lost on me at the time). Oops, I forget my heart rate monitor band- I’d better put that on as last time my average heart rate for this run was 156 bpm so I will need to gather data for comparison during the post-run review. I am ready to hit the road.

I look and feel like some B Grade superhero with all this lycra and electro-gadgetry. Is this elaborate production really necessary? (more…)

Homework Exercise: A Necessary Imposition

Contrary to popular belief, we do not handout homework exercises to you because we have a burning desire to nag you and impose ourselves upon your personal life. That forms only part of our motivation!

Homework exercise for many of our clients is imperative if they are to achieve their goals. I will explain why in the context of goals relating to chronic pain/injury.

We are each given this tremendously complex, fragile, adaptable machinery to go out and experience the world in, and it comes with no bloody instruction manual!


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