To Be Fit or Not, That is the Question…

Yeah yeah, I hear the droning! Of course we need to be fit…

Actually, I’d like to take this opportunity to put fitness into context.

The current ‘buzz’ around training is Boot Camps or similar fitness programs – an all or nothing approach to training – where every session is designed to be harder than the last. The mere thought of it is exhausting to me and as such – from my experience – poses a challenge to maintaining motivation!

The physiological basis of programming for fitness is to improve physical performance through the progressive increase in intensity. Mental performance and productivity, however, needs to be approached a little differently.


Build a bigger brain through exercise!

Today’s Western lifestyle is toxic for our brains.

The continual stress of rushing around, meeting deadlines, feeling guilty about not spending enough time with the family and poor sleep habits elevate levels of a hormone called cortisol in our bodies. While this hormone can actively destroy our memory faculties, some surprising research has shed light on a simple way to correct this decay. And it’s not what you might expect. (more…)

Outworking Stress : Survival of the Fittest

I begin by referring back to an earlier post to expand on a single point regarding our western setting.

As stated in this article, stress should be acute – we perceive threat, we deal with it, and we move on. However, the nature of many stressful situations are diluted, and so we see an internal build up. Our society is laden with fighters who have nobody to fight!

We need to chase a tiger every once in a while!

Think about the recent times where you’ve had more hours of work than working hours in the day. That’s your internal queue to ramp up a response that could – and should – challenge a raging bull. The difference being that with the bull, you dodge it or end up wearing a horn; either way, the outcome is determined within a short matter of time. (more…)

Do not have knee surgery until you have read this!

You have probably heard of Aron Ralston- he’s the hiker who after having his arm trapped by a boulder for six days- removed it with a pen knife to gain freedom and save his life. Pretty amazing story, but I guarantee you this-he only did it because he had no other option.

If someone is going to take a knife to my body, I’d want to make sure I’ve exhausted every possible avenue to avoid this! Why then are we often so quick to accept surgery? I think it is simply because a surgeon has told us that we need it and understandably, we respect this opinion. But if you are experiencing chronic knee pain and have not sustained some sort of acute injury (bone fracture, tendon rupture etc) I would recommend you think twice before letting someone cut you open, and this is why: your knee pain is a symptom. (more…)

Walking for well-being

A recent post by a colleague, Scott Wood, highlighted that if you want to lose weight you need to do more than just walk.

Walking uses four times as much energy as sitting on a couch, however, when we factor a 30 minute walk into our whole day the increase in energy expenditure is no more than what we would get from not eating a banana.

While skipping the banana would be the easier option, I believe there is much more to walking than just the calories burnt. (more…)

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